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A subscriber can register a grievance or complaint in the following ways:
1.Through Call Centre (Toll Free No- 1800 208 1516)- IVR, using T-PIN
2. Through the KCRA website using I-PIN or
3. By submitting physical Form G1 to KCRA
An 15-digit token number is generated by the KCRA system and intimated to the subscriber through email/SMS. Intimation of the grievance is also sent through email to the concerned party against whom the grievance is raised. The same is flagged in their system as "Pending" and will be resolved by them.
There are two levels of escalation. All grievances that are unresolved for more than the prescribed time will automatically be escalated to the first level.
Email intimation will be sent to the user along with the resolution details and the grievance status will be updated as "Resolved" in the KCRA website. The status can be checked by the subscriber at any time, using the "Token no." reference.
If the subscriber is not satisfied with the resolution provided, he/she may re-open the grievance. Further, if a grievance has not been resolved or has not been satisfactorily resolved by any intermediary system within 30 days from the date of lodging the grievance, the subscriber can escalate his grievance to the NPS Trust. He/she may make an appeal to the Ombudsman thereafter, if he/she is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the NPS Trust.
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