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Toll Free 1800 208 1516
  • Government Subscriber: Administrative center enacting as Nodal Office would deduct Subscriber contribution from the salary (@ 10% of basic salary + dearness allowance) and transfer to the uploading entity along with the employer’s contribution.
  • Corporate Subscriber: Corporate Head/Branch Office enacting as Nodal office may deduct Employee Contribution from the salary and transfer to the associated POP along with the employer’s contribution.
  • Individual Subscriber: Subscriber can deposit the contribution amount to any POP/ POP-SP along with a NPS Contribution Instruction Slip (NCIS) giving details of his/her PRAN or may contribute through eNPS.
  • Voluntary Contribution: Subscriber from all sectors may contribute directly for the voluntary contribution under NPS through eNPS using the link-
  • eNPS : eNPS is an online platform where a subscriber can register, generate a PRAN and contribute to his /her PRAN. The subscriber can also open a Tier I & Tier II account through eNPS
  • Tier II: Under Tier II account all the aforesaid Subscribers may contribute through mapped Nodal Office, any POP or eNPS.

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